WHOLESALE ONLY - The Products displayed on this Website are for Wholesale orders only.

CATALOGUES & PRICELISTS - Our website is 'live' and updated weekly to reflect current product availability and pricing - thereby offering an 'online' catalogue and pricelist.   Additionally, Metallic Mermaid Agents are equipped to assist with any queries, alternatively you may contact us directly for information. Prices are available via registration for shopping cart access, or on request.

COLOUR RANGE / PRODUCT AVAILABILITY - Colour options change with seasonal trends. Customers are encouraged to order colours based on these trends, or within a range of colours, eg cold colours - the blue/silver spectrum / or autumn shades - gold/brown/orange, etc.  Many of our customers simply ask us to make up their orders based on current fashion colours, and what is selling well at the time.

EXCLUSIVITY - We offer an exceptionally well priced, and extensive, range of products and are able to supply a widely diversified market. We cannot offer exclusivity.

MINIMUM ORDER VALUE - We have a minimum order value, details of which are available from our sales team. 

UNCERTAIN WHAT TO ORDER - Leave it to us. Should you be overwhelmed by the wide choice available, we are happy to assist, simply tell us:

  • Which market is being serviced - Age, Income Group
  • How much you would like to spend
  • Together with any additional information that will assist in identifying your requirements 

And we will put together a suitable mix based on sales across the country.

PRICING - Quoted Wholesale Prices exclude VAT, Transport, Packaging & Insurance. Delivery options are customised to suit the customers needs and instructions (see below).

DISCOUNTS - We maintain a very keen pricing structure and therefore do not offer discounts.

CONSIGNMENT STOCK - We do not sell goods on a consignment basis

PAYMENT - We operate on a cash-up-front basis (EFT being the most efficient payment option). Orders are despatched promptly after the funds clear our account. We do not accept Credit Card payments at this time.

ORDERS PENDING PAYMENT - All orders placed will be held for a maximum period of 2 weeks pending receipt of payment. If payment is not received within this period, the order will be cancelled and the goods returned to stock.

DELIVERY WITHIN SOUTH AFRICA - Depending on the size of your order, we offer three delivery options.
Ordinary Post - using the Post Office. Parcels with a value under R1,000.00. Delivery time is variable, usually 1 week, but may take up to 2 weeks.
Overnight post - using Speed Service Couriers. Parcels must be lodged with the Knysna Post Office by no later than 10h00 to guarantee their delivery within a 24 hour period (Monday to Friday only). Parcels received after the cut-off time will be delayed until the next day's collection. This option works well for smaller orders - under 1Kg or up to 3Kg - and with a value under R1,000.00, thereafter it is a less cost effective option than,
Road Transport Delivery to your door - Monday to Friday deliveries only - Knysna to Cape Town overnight, Knysna to other major centres 2-4 working days, Knysna to outlying areas 5-7 days. Suitable for parcels weighing in excess of 3Kg and with a value in excess of R1,000.00
Customers are free to take responsibility for collection and delivery of their orders, using their own transport companies.

INSURANCE - Insurance is offered at a rate of 2% of the total invoice value : product plus transport/postage. Insurance will always be included in our transport/postage costings, unless specifically declined by the customer. Should insurance be declined we would, obviously, accept no responsibility for loss or damage in transit.

BREAKAGES / RETURNS POLICY - All jewellery items are relatively fragile and should be handled with care. In the event of any piece being received damaged or broken, it should be reported to our Head Office within 3 working days of receipt of the order. We will arrange for the damaged article/s to be collected by our Agent, or may ask the customer to return the item/s to us as soon as possible by parcel post. A replacement or credit will only be issued upon receipt, and inspection, of the broken item/s at our offices.


  • The accuracy of the product items shown on this site cannot be guaranteed as many designs are handmade and small variations may occur in colour and design.
  • Colours may vary depending on the quality and resolution of individual computer screens. Nevertheless, we endeavour to be as accurate as possible.
  • Whilst we cannot guarantee 100% availability of listed items, where appropriate, a back-order may be created.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time without notice